Fifty Two

I know,

It’s been a while since I wrote, so here goes. I stopped writing because one time in class, I accidentally showed a draft of one of my blog entries on the projector. I usually process my writing in a Word Processor before putting it online, because I usually keep a benchmark of 1 page double spaced to prevent myself from rambling or cutting things short. Phew, glad I vented about that. 🙂

I started real school. No more night school although the skills I gained in night school are indispensable. Right now, my goals are to obtain a degree in Toy Design and then work for a large toy company in Southern California. Then I want an MBA in management, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself again. Better to have a humble goal like that and take the time for myself than trying to reach an unattainable goal like getting a job at a science and technology company. My husband has told me better to aim lower and be the best than aim high and be the worst.

Also, I just want to pat myself on the back for keeping this blog up for so long. How long has it been? Four years? I’m scared to go back and check at how much of a wreck I was, but I feel it’s been pretty damn long. Another blog I’ve kept for this long is my Tumblr, which used to be a collection of feminist and super political memes and now turned into an artsy fartsy blog of things I can’t buy.

I will update on my progress in school once I get past my second or third semester. If you know me or have read my previous blogs, I may have blogged once or twice about withdrawing from my liberal arts college in the east coast. I ended up withdrawing from the school during my second semester and my sixth semester of my Neuroscience major. Therefore, let’s not make any promises we can’t keep.


One thought on “Fifty Two

  1. Interesting thought…I was always taught to aim for the moon and if you fall you’ll land among the stars. That said, there’s probably a lot of merit in your husbands advice. I hope you do go for that MBA but in the meantime I’m sure your current degree will keep you busy. 😉

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