Forty Three

So far,

Everything’s been great, and that’s probably why I haven’t been posting lately. Also, I started this blog for a space to share my life, and well, that space has taken the form of a person–my man. It’s pretty bad how much I’ve been neglecting my friends, but he and I are moving at a pace that probably only couples in their honeymoon period would understand: making plans about marrying, moving, and living life together within half a year of meeting each other. But I have a good feeling about this. He knows all my flaws and strengths and finds no fault with me (most of the time, lets see how it is in five years). Everything about us just lines up. I skype him for seven hours a day but for the first time, I’ve been basically getting straight A’s and B’s. Before, I would flunk one, have an episode, and then pull myself up again with either taking the class pass/fail or actually studying for an exam.

Another update is that I’m no longer aiming to become a researcher, at least for now. I would like a simple day job in the lab to not lose that challenge of being in a research environment, it’s just that right now, research isn’t for me. I don’t have enough experience, I never feel competent, I seriously need to take a biochemistry class, and I’m better off being a teacher than a PhD student, financially. Also, I can’t be in a lab when I’m pregnant, and I want 3 kids by 30.

Therefore, the single-subject (biology) teaching route is the one for me. My original plan was to become a high school teacher after a few decades as a university professor to you know, just chill out and work with optimistic and hilarious teenagers. However, I realized that in order to become a professor, I need to get tenure, and that’s hard to get. I also think teaching in a high school can give me some room to breathe, reflect, and work in an environment that supports well-roundedness and creativity. It’s also a skill I need to be a good professor at a University anyways in order to not be one of those professors that everyone hates, so there’s that.


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