Thirty Three

On my mom’s birthday,

I decided to invite her to a week-long trip before we head back to California. She came during my finals week to make sure I survive it, and after a little Mother’s Day trip to Boston with my dearest friends, we headed off to New York City.

New York City was the reason why I ended up on the East Coast. I fantasized about attending NYU for something and living the lives I see on movies. I ended up at my liberal arts school, because I thought the city would be too dangerous for an eighteen year old who was never even allowed to go to the local mall by herself. It would be easier for my parents and grandparents to not worry about me.

We saw a Broadway show and saw Wall Street. I loved Wall Street, watching important people walking in an important place to do something important. Those men and women and their brisk strides and smartphones and coffees. Money, ambition, and glamour – so romantic and sexy.

After two days, I want to retire here. I can’t live most of my adult life here, because my family is in California. But when I’m a senior, I will move here. With or without my spouse, I don’t care. I just want to be one of those beautiful old women in colorful prints, a wide-brim sunhat, glorious white hair, and a Mona Lisa smile that sits reading the next best seller at outdoor cafes and seeing a musical or concert every other night. Through women like them and the women in my family, I learn to look forward to age and wisdom rather than fearing them.

I look forward to the next few days too. I thought I’d feel too burned out from school to take in anything else, but I’m watching another Broadway show and a show at Carnegie on Thursday. Before then, I planned a nice stroll around Central Park, the MAD museum, and the Fifth Ave malls. Or maybe we’d wander around and go off schedule like today. Either way, it’s going to be an adventure!


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