Twenty One

Thanks to my slowpoke phone,

I didn’t know that it was a snow day until two hours after the admin sent the e-mail notification. Ah well, I guess I needed the sleep, and hey, it’s a snow day! A day where I get an extra four or five hours to get shit done may be the only thing I appreciate about the weather here. This morning, I finished my breakfast and then just sat there, sipping Earl Grey and listening to music. I felt so content that smiled slightly to myself as I looked at where I am versus where I was last spring. Ah, but I don’t want to dwell on the past for this post. Let me talk about something else: study/research buddies.

It may seem like a dull idea, but my past experience with group work has left me bitter, distrusting, and misanthropic until this semester. I was very much the “lets also look at every little detail, so we can get an A” type of person while trying not to dominate the group. This was because in middle school and high school, I tried to take leadership roles, and everything either went to shit or I did all the work. I am still ashamed of those experiences (both my step-back approach last year and my indecisiveness in high school), but I’m glad I went through them.

I learned that I do like taking some sort of leadership role after I adopted this “I don’t give a fuck what you think of me as long as we get this shit done” attitude towards everything. Perhaps it’s because I’m more comfortable with working with first-years as a sophomore, but I like to break down our walls with humor and a “Whoops! We both forgot our textbooks” humility. I speed things along with “No fret! These are all the things we can get done right now without the textbook, and we’ll deal with the rest next time” to avoid the meeting becoming a complete waste of time and self-confidence. For my computer science homework and computational biology lab, I set appointments convenient for both my partners and me, asking them when and where their classes are so we can meet in a building near their classes. After all, as a sophomore with a comfortable single and a comfortable sleep schedule, I need to give my first-year lab partners some convenience.

Our meetings turned out pretty smoothly. My computer science partner and I finished three programs in three hours and as we submitted it, we agreed that we worked well together and it totally depends on who we work with that determines whether if a project is hell or a great learning experience. My research partner and I also break into personal conversations after we finished our tasks for the day to prevent our relationship from growing cold. So far, these projects have taught me that leadership doesn’t mean selfishness or generosity, just productivity and consideration.


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