Even though I feel more equipped to deal with “Spring” semester here,

I almost had another crisis moment today, because I learned how much more I stress in cold weather. On Monday, I had a fever and thought I had the flu, and I finally arrived in my translation class with a fever, bundled up, keys clinging, and attracting annoyed stares from people trying to listen to a Princeton speaker. I’m to the point that I really don’t give a damn about other people other than my friends, lab partners, and housemates, so that didn’t matter. It’s just that I didn’t sit in an aisle seat, and I really needed to stay hydrated. The result was me stumbling over peoples’ backpacks to use the restroom, and the decision of “should I go now? Or later? How about now? Hm, now? I really have to go, maybe not. Actually yes, no actually not” stresses me.

Speaking of choosing aisle seats, I’m starting to learn how to say “no” to my friends by sitting at an aisle seats instead of sitting with them, so I can use the restroom during class to reduce my stress of worrying about using the restroom. I’m also promising myself that I’m never wasting time to bundle up and walk through snowy weather after a rough day ever again no matter where my friends plan on eating dinner. I had to walk up and down my hall twice tonight, because I forgot my freaking hat. Something about cold weather stresses me out, perhaps because of the little decisions such as bringing a hat, drinking hot tea, staying hydrated, going to the bathroom often from staying so hydrated, and being late from bundling myself up in layers of clothes add weight to an already stress-heavy day. Finally, the combination of walking during the night time (when I’m supposed to be in my room), cold weather, a very rough week, realizing that I missed a 6 o’clock meeting with a research partner, and finding out that my lab time conflicts with my meeting with my counselor tomorrow ended up in me on the verge of crying in my room.

But no fret, my research partner rescheduled our short meeting to tomorrow dinnertime, and I will reschedule my appointment with my counselor tomorrow morning. Anyway, the lesson I take away from today is that I should prepare myself to stay inside as much as possible on snowy days so I don’t turn into a bitch and that I should really trust the usefulness of Google Calendars more. Also, I’m so out of here after I graduate. 


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