F-word warning: I say fuck a lot in this post. (Note to self: Never write a future blog post about the morals of not cursing even though I pride myself on seldom cursing in public).

Before I forget (okay, neglect) another post,

I’m going to just write one before I go to a yoga session with one of my best friends. Today, I learned how powerful an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude feels during an interview. Don’t worry—and thank you for caring about me—I feel the best about that interview out of all my crappy or just unsatisfying, four other interviews for a lab position. It was probably that these interviewers were equipped with comfortable questions, and I was equipped with comfortable answers at the same time. I had no uncomfortable moments during the interview that I could remember, unlike the interview two hours before for a lab that I actually gave a fuck about. Actually, I really wanted to get into that other lab, because it was related to my major. However, I ended up going into my pipsqueak voice again, because I was scared of not getting the job. I did end up saying all that I wanted to say, though. It’s just I wish I was more, well, real like the way I was during the last “I don’t give a fuck” interview. I said the same things in both, it’s just I felt like I left a better impression on my last one.

With each lab interview, I learn something about myself as well as what is expected of me, so that even though I might not get the position, my rejected interviews wouldn’t be complete failures. I learned that by not giving a fuck, I can, in the words of a wonderful song from Frozen, “let it go,” because humiliation never bothered me much anyways. I also learned that when I really want something and then face factors that I can’t control (like whether if the interviewer likes talking to me), I get nervous. Therefore, if I prepared well enough and if I adopt an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, I can leave an interview satisfied that I was fucking honest, and honest is the best I can do.


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