Imperfect things are beautiful, because they are honest. While a sunset or the movement of the sea are expressively beautiful, there is a secret beauty in broken things. For example, in photography such as Humans of New York, you see pictures of the imperfect, the poor, the elderly, the childish, and many other traits that deviate from what “normal” should be and illuminate the beauty of what we really are. Wall cracks can be beautiful, because they tell a stories such as anger or neglect. When an ancient Redwood tree is cut and pushed over for lumber, you can hear its creaking, death cry as it watches generations of tree critters abandon their sacred home for the sake of their own survival. These somber images of loss are equally beautiful as those of vibrant life, because they both make us realize we have so much more on this Earth than we think.   

I believe it’s the same concept when it comes to people, because if you think about it, every person has the potential to be beautiful whether through conventional standards such as kindness and gracefulness or less feel-good experiences such as bitterness and anger. We find beauty in people through understanding them, as shown in many chick flicks or movies where the villain is depicted as a tragic story instead of a one dimensional caricature. Try this: think of the bitchiest person you know. Then think of why that person might be bitchy, and think of how you would behave if you had the same experiences. If you can’t put yourself in another’s shoes, then think of why you are sometimes bitchy. Yea, that bitchy person must have had some unfortunate things happen to him/her to be that bitchy. The person might still annoy you, but you see the beauty in that person through our universal, humbling experience of being human in uncontrollable circumstances.

Where do you find beauty in unlikely places? 


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