This is a blog post about “that time of the month,” because, well, it’s happening. Also, my blog posts and the days of the month are finally synchronized. 

When I hate the world,

It’s usually for a good reason, and I take note of the signs: I am writing this on the WordPress writer instead of drafting it on Word. My migraines are coming and going in rhythm with the cramps, and I can’t tell whether if I have to actually use the bathroom or if I have to change a pad soon. I watch random (but excellent) movies like Francis Ha and Netflix documentaries on cave paintings. I bitch and whine like a child to everyone, and family brings me chocolate, tea, and marble tea eggs when I am randomly hungry and irritated at the same time. Worst of all, I did nothing today, and I’m sad about it. After days of corresponding, researching, planning, and studying, I’m suddenly incapable of thinking or getting out of the house, and I’m struggling to even open my eyes or move out of my swivel chair after a 3 hour nap and a normal night’s sleep. I feel useless, but today is an appropriate day for doing nothing before returning to productivity. I should also start appreciating the three-week intervals of normal between days like this. 

Has anyone else captured their “everything is crap” feelings before? 


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