I ditched

I ditched for the first time today, because I didn’t want to lose points for P.E. Volleyball, a class I hate. I didn’t feel as bad about it as I would have if I actually cared about the class. My team is better off when I’m not there, and when I am there, I rarely get the ball and beat myself up over it each time we lose a game.

So I went to the library and then read about book about world hunger. Exciting right? I sat alone at a table reading a book and being guilt tripped about how I’m contributing to world hunger because I ate more fries than I should’ve for lunch. I hate myself.

To add to that, I admitted to my friends that since I gave up on anyone else but them, I’ll just send a shoutout for two more people to join our limo at prom. And of course, a douchey guy or whoever hacked him joked that he needs a ride to prom.

So let it be my Friday. 🙂


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