Let’s go to Texas

So I was at Dallas airport for a transfer between Boston and Orange County. Being the Californian that I am, I was picking up a Greek yogurt in this convenience store in the airport. And then being the Californian that I am I went over to check out the smoothies. While I was contemplating if I should really buy a smoothie for $2.99, this gentleman in a cowboy hat was using the F’real smoothie machine. He probably sensed that I was behind him and turned around. The F’real smoothie machine later jammed, but that’s not my point. My point is, he said in this captivating southern accent, “It’s really not half bad.” The point is, he peered from under his hat, straight into my eyes with the sincerity that this will be a darn tasty smoothie. Or maybe he thought I was being rude and staring at him while I contemplated my decision. Anyways, while I paid for my chicken salad sandwich, Greek yogurt, and strawberry banana F’real smoothie, the cashier lady smiled at me in the nicest way. She was this blonde big beautiful woman who also had a southern accent. And then the airport worker who checked my boarding pass also smiled at me, even though my mom just had to cut in front of everyone in our group.

Maybe it was the charm of that cowboy hat man, maybe it was the friendliness of the cashier lady. Or maybe it was because I just spend four days in the freezing East Coast. Yea, maybe it was just the warmth. 😉


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