You Bring Out the Dreamer in Me

For an AP Lit assignment, we modeled a poem after Sandra Cisneros’ “You Bring out the Mexican in Me.” This is what I came up with: 

You bring out the Dreamer in Me

You bring out the Dreamer in me.

The next funny quote, the next inspirational tale.

The carnival mirror telling me that perhaps one day

I’ll look like Barbie.

The anesthetic that numbs my anger, my insanity.

The lonely lifeboat floating in bliss by a steady cruise ship.

The goofy grin at a stray happy memory.

The best friend who cheers me up in my loneliest hours.

The bitterness when toiling at an unwanted task.

You are the temptation to sleep, to play, to live.

If only. If only.


You bring out the Escapist in me.

The imaginary future that gives me wings and

Drops me. Hard.

The comforting bandage, the lifting hand.

The book that takes me away from the world.

The thoughts that take me away from a book.

The getting lost on the Internet, another world, until there’s

The silent, comforting solitude as I burn midnight oil.

The yellow canary singing a thousand ballads on being

A black crow, unwanted but uncaged.

The laughter filling me like helium.

The heavy tears reminding me I’m still on the ground.

You bring out the Pisces in me.

The voyager, led not by stars but clouds.

The weary eyes, a tired mind that return happy after a wasted day.

Thank you. Thank you.


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