Update: Smith College

About $55,000. That’s how much it costs per year to go to Smith College. At first I thought I was going to be sick. How could I ever afford $55,000? Then I reminded myself that I’ve been spending way more on private tutoring, counseling, piano lessons per year that $55,000 to take as many courses as I like and eat as much as I like is pretty good considering that I’m going all the way to¬†Massachusetts. This is based on a comparison to my high school career, not other cheaper schools, because I know there will always be a school cheaper out there. Yes, if I attend a UC or University of Illinois–Champlain it will save me money for something like the future or whatever. But all I know right now at this moment is that Smith College is the school for me, and no price tag is going to trounce my confidence that I made the right choice.


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