College Essay: Smith College

Prompt: Applying to college can be serious business; yet we’re eager to get to know you in a less formal way. Have fun answering the following question: If you had a theme song – a piece of music that describes you best – what would it be and why? Please include the name of the song and the artist. (Limit response to 150 words)

The ambiance and lyrics of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” perfectly evoke my experience in the city of Guangzhou. The words define the atmosphere of where I want to live, and sets the tone for who I am. There in the crowded city, I would walk at night among strangers the ambient background music that echoes the crowds of cars and pedestrians. My appreciation for the diversity of the urban city coincided with my move to Irvine, California, a beige suburban nightmare where public transportation is a rarity. The adults like to chastise us kids for not appreciating the safe tranquility of our city. But save for the daily road rage, we are deprived of opportunities to “reach out and touch a stranger.” Therefore, I “dream of the street,” because it’s my –and perhaps everyone’s–human nature to want to be around people, to be “livin’ this way,” to be “lovin’ this way.”


For any music lover, answering this prompt accurately is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. It certainly was for me, because browsed through my iTunes and YouTube playlist to find the perfect song that will represent me and impress the admissions counselors. Luckily, I gave up, picked one thing I love (like urban cities), and settled with “Human Nature” by Micheal Jackson. From there, everything felt self-explanatory, and I just needed a clever/reflective/inspirational/whatever way to word it. 


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