Fears: Marrying Up

Recently, my grandma came home from a trip to China and raved about a cousin who’s getting married to a rich dude. That cousin was really smart, talented, and did well in school. Now, she’s putting her college education on hold to get engaged to a guy whose wealthy family owns a wine refinery. My grandma told me that she said something like, “I will never have to toil again!” That, and more raves on how his family owns fancy cars, houses, etc. While a boost in pride for our family, I view her decision as a disgrace to herself. She’s smart and hardworking enough to be independent and have a decent, while not as rich, life. I don’t understand why she’ll sacrifice so much just to get married. Sure, I bet love was involved in some form between my cousin and her fancy rich fiance, but I still squirm at her decision and her blatant admiration for his wealth.
Anyway, I hope I will never date until I get my M.D. The last thing I want happen to me is some sort of easy “happiness” that steals my independence, my education and my career.


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